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St Lucia Travel Guide - things to do

First Impressions

Before going to St Lucia I wasn’t sure what to expect beyond sun, sand and sea. So when I arrived on the island to be greeted by lush greenery made up of mountains, exotic palm trees, banana

Located off the coast of Venezuela, the “Island of Spice” Grenada is a tropical land of sun, fun, and tasty food just waiting to be explored. There is so much to see and do on this island paradise it can be hard to know where to start, so we have put together a few suggestions so you can make the most of your visit to Grenada.  

The Caribbean is the name given to the island chains tucked into the eastern coast of Central America surrounded by the Caribbean Sea and bounded by the Atlantic. This swoosh of islands arcs up from Trinidad and Tobago off the coast of Venezuela to the western tip of Cuba close to the Yucatan Peninsula in Mexico. In the north the Bahamas chain extends up to the Florida coast. In all there are around 700 islands

Dive deep into the glittering, turquoise waters, venture up high into the brightest of skies on a cable car, sip colorful cocktails on cotton white sands, or dance to the sound of steel drums; the Caribbean has it all. Choosing a single destination might be a challenge, but a Caribbean cruise will check several destinations off of your bucket list in one go. Here are a few ports of call you certainly don’t want