Lushan Country Life is not just one of the most engaging Eco –tourism, Heritage site in St. Lucia, but an ideal Nature Park, closest to the city, ports, hotels and beaches, allowing for so much more. What makes Lushan Country Life unique is, its’ location; directly at the residence of the Anthony’s family where they have lived for over 200 years.  

Our guided tour is captivated with the following main highlights: Kye Pie (traditional hut}, forest trail, bird calling, nature’s challenge, creole kitchen & finger food sampling, flower & herbal garden, ginger & turmeric stop, coconut discovery, fruit sampling, animal viewing, family house, complimentary drink & gift shop. 

Lushan Country Life is also known for organized tours directly/indirectly from the cruise ships & hotels, offering direct tours or combination packages

At Lushan Country Life many bird lovers have enjoyed Bird Watching as the Nature Park consist of over thirty bird species, that has made over one hundred and thirty plant species their sanctuary.  

Apart from all the educational tours capturing the flora, fauna, culture, cuisine, heritage and history of this amazing location; special mention must be made of its Event Center 

At Lushan Country Life Event Center, we take pleasure in booking weddings, receptions, conferences, parties, meetings and the likes. (Catering is optional)   

All the exotic flowers and captivating nature at Lushan Country Life makes an ideal spot for romance, so we pride ourselves with the many Eco- Weddings that have been held on location. We also encourage wedding packages and we’re always flexible to innovative ideas to love and serve everyone. 

So we invite you to come and experience this piece of heaven on earth and return to how good life used to be where it’s only natural.